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Our professional and experienced team deliver an exceptionally high level of quality and service, founded on psychological experience and evidence based methods.


Oliver Brecht

Managing Director


Oliver Brecht is the Managing Director and Senior Psychologist at Veretis Legal Psychology. He divides his time across the three practice areas of the Veretis Group: Veretis, Veretis Legal Psychology, and Voxus. He completed his Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of South Australia before returning to Sydney and completing his Masters of Professional Psychology at the University of Wollongong. He has received extensive experience in mood, anxiety, and the associated risk issues, especially in vulnerable populations such as offenders and prisoners.

Oliver gained experience through volunteering as a Lifeline Telephone Crisis Supporter, working as a Blackdog R.E.A.C.H. facilitator and completing a placement in the prisons with the NSW Corrective Services.

He is the President of the Employee Assistance Professional Association of Australasia.


Mitchell Mclean

Registered Psychologist

Mitchell is a registered psychologist. He completed his Bachelor of Arts – Psychology at Macquarie University, Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Advanced) at University of New England, and Master of Professional Psychology at Macquarie University. He gained early experience in mental health when competing his graduate studies by providing crisis counselling with Lifeline Australia. Mitchell completed his postgraduate placement with an employee assistance provider (EAP), offering solution focussed counselling to individuals with widely differing presentations including grief and loss and burnout. He completed his internship as a vocational rehabilitation consultant, assisting workers with psychological injuries in returning to work.

As a registered psychologist, Mitchell works largely in the forensic space, completing thorough assessments for offenders, and providing the courts with clinically sound reports of high utility. He is passionate about helping offender populations lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, whilst keeping the community safe. He also offers psychological treatment via several referral streams including Medicare, Primary Health Network, Australian Defence Force (BUPA), and diversion to mental health. Mitchell’s presentations of interest include post traumatic stress disorder and substance use disorders, and he primarily adopts cognitive behavioural principles and strategies in his approach. He firmly believes that all persons have a right in accessing mental health support, irrespective of their backgrounds.


Grant Brecht

Head of Clinical and Consulting Services

Senior Clinical Psychologist

Grant Brecht is a Senior Clinical Psychologist with over 35 years’ experience in clinical, organisational and elete sport psychology. He is the author of six books and has presented workshops, keynotes, and conference presentations across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, America, China, and South-East Asia. He is well known in the corporate and sporting industry, where he has extensive experience in managing their medico-legal matters as an expert witness. He has experience in criminal, civil, and family law medico-legal assessments and treatments.

Grant has a Master of Clinical Psychology from the University of Sydney and is a Board Approved Supervisor for Clinical Registrar Programs, Master of Clinical Psychology Students, and Provisional Psychologists.

He spends most of his time as an educator, supervisor, and trainor for our psychologists.


Kate Nelson

Registered Psychologist

Kate Nelson is a Registered Psychologist, who specialises in working with youth and disability. She has a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Western Sydney University. Her Honours thesis was titled: “What are the experiences and expectations of psychological distress among adults going through facilitated detoxification for alcohol and opioid use?”

She is experienced in teaching social and emotion regulation skills in youth on the Autism Spectrum Disorder and providing support to families of individuals with ASD and other disabilities. She is specifically experienced in working with children and adolescents with behaviour management difficulties, oppositional tendencies, and conduct disorders. She also has experience in working with complex and co-morbid trauma, attachment, and ADHD presentations.

She is passionate about making a difference in individuals’ lives, providing crisis support to individuals as a Lifeline telephone counsellor. She is an accredited Westmead Feelings Program 2 Facilitator, which teaches social and emotional skill development to children with ASD.

Kate has a special interest in female offenders.


Mitchell Ackerly

Registered Psychologist

Mitchell completed his Masters of Professional Psychology at Macquarie University and his undergraduate degree at the University of Tasmania. He is a Registered Psychologist who has previous experience working with both adults and children from diverse backgrounds. Mitchell uses evidence-based strategies and techniques to help clients achieve their therapeutic goals and overcome complex challenges that they might be facing. This includes modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT).

Mitchell has extensive experience as an Employee Assistance counsellor supporting adults overcome workplace challenges, stress, anxiety, depression, grief and burnout. In addition, he has experience working under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with clients who have a range of disabilities and acute mental health disorders. He also has a keen interest in a range of psychometric assessments such as intelligence and personality testing.

Mitchell prides himself on remaining open and empathetic when working with clients from all walks of life. He believes that clients should not feel judged or stigmatised for seeking mental health support. Instead, clients should feel supported to achieve positive change.


Erica Zhou

Provisional Psychologist

Erica completed her Master of Professional Psychology at Monash University, and her Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at the University of New South Wales. She has been working as a telephone crisis supporter at Lifeline for over two years, providing crisis support and suicide prevention services. Additionally, she has experience co-facilitating anxiety support groups, where she provides a safe space for people to connect and share their lived experiences.

Erica focuses on helping individuals create meaningful change in their lives. Her vision is to establish a space where clients feel safe to explore, challenge, and grow into the best version of themselves. Erica understands that what works for one individual may not work for another, and tailors her therapeutic approach to suit the personality and needs of each client. She draws upon a range of evidence-based techniques in her practice, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT).

As a provisional psychologist, Erica enjoys working with adults and is particularly interested in anxiety and stress-related disorders. She is also passionate about supporting individuals who are struggling with perfectionism, burnout, and other workplace challenges

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Case Studies

Mental Health Diversion (s14/s32)

Veretis Legal Psychology is often engaged by lawyers acting for clients facing various local court matters. In a lot of these cases, the lawyer has not been aware of any significant mental health issues. which would have explained the client’s drug issues and the client had not disclosed any mental health difficulties. As a result, …

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Case Studies

Training clients on How to Brief a Psychologist

Veretis Legal Psychology was engaged by a criminal law firm to educate staff on briefing a psychologist. The session was designed to help the team better understand the complexities and intricacies of mental health and how these can impact a person’s behaviour, both in regard to offending and also when trying to work with some …

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