Frequently asked questions

Forensic services and psychological training and consulting are nuanced services. Here are some of the most common questions we receive

Forensic Services

Veretis Legal Psychology tries to ensure that we maintain an efficient process. We can generally offer an assessment session within 1-week of being contacted and have a final copy of the report back to you within 1-2 weeks following the assessment session.

Upon request we can produce reports within 48 hours of assessment but this does incur a surcharge on costs.

At Veretis Legal Psychology we find that the reliability of a report depends more on the attention and effort that the author puts into their assessment and report writing than their exact qualification. This is why Veretis Legal Psychology has extensive assessment protocols that we undertake and thorough reporting processes we execute to ensure our reports are accurate and well written.

Our leaders have a breadth of experience across psychology, law and corrections. This ensures that the services we provide are not only psychologically accurate but are also legally literate, and seek to answer succinctly the questions set out in the letter of instructions.

Yes of course. This can be sent to yourself once the final edition has been provided to your lawyer.

Yes, in addition to privately funded matters we prepare reports through legal aid. All we need is confirmation of legal aid funding prior to commencing the assessment and reporting process.

Veretis Legal Psychology prefers to be paid through funds released from the lawyers trust, however does also take payment directly from individuals. It is a requirement that payment is made prior to the report being released.

Yes we do.

Yes, Veretis Legal Psychology has a range of clinicians that can provide ongoing counselling as part of a mandated treatment plan.

Although dependent on the circumstances, generally YES Veretis Legal Psychology clinicians are willing to be the responsible person as defined by “the act” and manage the execution of an court ordered treatment plan.

Veretis Legal Psychology needs to get a letter of instructions from the lawyer to ensure we know exactly what type of report we are preparing, and the questions we are answering. We generally do not take instructions from clients directly.

Training and Consulting

The burnout, trauma and mental health rates within the legal industry are well documented. Training can support the retention of staff within your firm and ensure they are feeling and operating at their best.

Yes, unlike other forensic psychology practices we have registered lawyers on staff who provide our training programs. This means that our trainings do count as CPD hours for you and your team.

Honestly anytime is a good time. Even during a busy period the opportunity to engage in training shows to staff that you value their wellbeing and performance, and will assist them to be resilient during these periods.

At Veretis Legal Psychology we focus on supporting lawyers to develop the mindset and strategies to perform at their best, be resilient during high workloads and when exposed to traumatic material, and have the emotional intelligence to respond to high pressure situations. This results in your team thriving within the legal industry.

As most people seek our support when issues and stressors are already present, we work to activate any training request as quickly as within a week to ensure that the content is relevant and beneficial for your staff at the time it is delivered.

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